Project Propositions

It has begun. I spoke with my landlord this week and posed a proposition. I want to hone my renovation skills, he wants his house to be more marketable and updated. What if I did some of that updating for him? Can I start with the kitchen, please?

My landlord's a pretty cool guy. When I decided I wanted to adopt a dog (more on her later), the shelter phoned him and asked him if that would be against my lease, and whether he would approve or not. Before the shelter attendant uttered the entire sentence, Landlord was all, "Sure, no problem" and didn't even ask any more questions about it. He doesn't get in either my or my roommate's business, because he knows we're pretty cool ladies and responsible job-owners, and I'm sure he's quite happy we're renting from him.

At the same time, whenever there's a problem, Landlord is on it right away. Our faucet needed a new washer, and before I knew it Bernie the Plumber was over getting that shit done. Bernie was super nice. We chatted and he was great with my dog. He almost left his coat on my kitchen chair but thankfully I caught him before he pulled out of the driveway. It was super exciting.

So yeah, I've got a good landlord. And he's straight to the point, too. My email was all businessy and eloquently worded, ending with, "If you have time in the next few weeks, I'd love to discuss some of my ideas." His response:

"This Sunday at 3?"

Crap, I've got some planning to do. I'm off to stare feverishly at Pinterest...


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