My plain and boring bedroom

Since Landlord is coming tomorrow to discuss the prospects of the kitchen updates, I wanted to share some photos from another area of the house: my bedroom. 

The best part about my room right now is that it is kind of a blank slate. 

The worst part about my room right now is it is totally a really boring blank slate.

The room is quite small, measuring in at a little under 12x12; this is the view from the doorway. I've been slowly purchasing art and accessories for my room, like the green throw pillow on my bed and the lamp on my nightstand. I've even begun DIYing some aspects of the room, as can be seen in the hanging Starburst Mirror. I purchased the white duvet from Ikea, but after having it for three months, I'm thinking that was a mistake. I thought white might be a good way to keep a neutral in the room, so I can have colorful accents, but it doesn't seem to add anything except more plainness. Plain white bed, plain so-pale-blue-they're-almost-white walls. Plain off-white curtains my aunt gave me. Blah blah blah.

The greenish-yellow chair was a thrift store find, but I'm thinking it's gonna have to go. It's evident by the pile of half-finished crochet afghans on it right now: that chair doesn't get used for anything but a stand on which to throw stuff. And the color is messing with my vibe. I used to love this chair. It's just not my thing anymore.


On the other side of the room is my dog Petunia's crate, and my dresser. Oh, my dresser. My really annoying dresser. Let me lament this dresser for a tad. First of all, it's probably 30 years old. My parents bought it when they were getting ready to have their first kid, my brother. It was one of those stain-it-yourself, unfinished cheapo dressers, because duh, that's what newly married couples have to do. About five years ago I repainted it to a lovely goldenrod color, purchased new hardware, and felt really proud of myself. But that darling paint that I'm definitely over at this point doesn't hide the fact that the drawers are baby-sized. Because it's a baby dresser. And it has that cheap formica wood on the bottom of the drawers too. The drawer bottoms are so dinky that they collapse whenever I try to shove too many clothes in, which is often because it's a freaking baby dresser. Just to clarify, I am not a baby. Anyway, the dresser needs to go, but in the meantime, or until I find a new dresser, it needs a facelift.

So that is my plain and boring bedroom. I have been pinning the heck out of pictures, trying to inspire myself and come up with a solid plan for how this room is going to look. I've got some cool ideas, and some "must have" goals that I am going to share soon. In the meantime, why don't you follow me on Pinterest and see what I've been looking at lately?

Oh, and here's Petunia about 2.5 seconds after I threw my sheets on the floor to take to the laundry room. 

 photo triangletiny_zps8dfc36d4.gif