Goals for my bedroom makeover

This is the first time in my life that I am aiming to redecorate slowly and purposefully. In the past, I've always just seen items and thought, "That seems cool and unique!" and purchased them without really knowing where they would go, or what function they would serve. That kind of spontaneous buying makes for a lot of random items, some which never get used and pile up all over the place. (I use this same technique for my wardrobe. I'll tackle that problem some other time...)

Living in a rental home can be tricky. Purchasing decor items is not always the best idea, because in a few years, who knows what kind of space you'll have? In my case, I'm in my mid/late twenties, so I know that probably in the next handful of years I will be moving up into the world of home ownership. Nothing I do here is permanent or even long-term. I'm purely in the mid-term here, so I can't invest too much financially. In other words, I need to thrift furniture, reuse things I already have, sell stuff I don't use, and invest good money only in items I know will be of value years down the line.

Basically, this rental revival is gonna be on the cheap. 

There are a few goals I have for my bedroom makeover. Here's what I'm looking to do:

  • Organization for my daily jewelry, easily accessible and visible
  • Incorporate more storage for bulkier clothes
  • Give the dresser a facelift, or thrift a new one
  • Move some items out of the room that do not get much usage (i.e. some of my books) 
  • Maybe some kind of crochet and yarn storage
  • Spice up the curtains
  • Create a headboard or headboard-esque focal point
  • Do something about that stupid brown bedskirt (I hate bedskirts) 
  • Utilize some artwork I have sitting around

Jewelry organizational device: highly desired

After writing down my goals, don't you agree it makes the most sense to start with moving out unnecessary items? Me too. So today I did a little rearranging. First, I moved the big grellow chair down to the basement. I'm planning a garage sale this summer so that is where he will probably end up. After I moved the chair, I transferred the majority of my books upstairs to a bigger bookshelf in the attic/studio space. For now they are just out of the way.

Here's what the corner looked like before.

And here is what it currently looks like.

As you can see, it's hardly completed. I am not going to be keeping the yarn crate there, and I may even move the bookshelf out of the room altogether. The purpose of this was to clear out some stuff I know I don't want, in order to visualize more what I need.

The cool thing is, after getting rid of the chair, I had a better idea of what might be the best orientation for the furniture in my room. I'm starting to see that most of all, I need to limit the amount of large items in the room, and utilize more space vertically. Maybe some wall shelving units will be a good replacement for the standing bookshelf? That way, I can move Petunia's crate next to my bed, and there would be a whole empty wall on the opposite side of the room that could possibly hold a long dresser, rather than one that is a "chest of drawers" style. After visiting several thrift stores, I've noticed the longer dressers with mirrors are more attainable, and I've even seen a few I really liked. I just never thought they were an option because I didn't think I had enough room.

So I would consider this exercise in goal-writing a success. I did a little bit of organization, which makes me feel like the makeover is underway. Plus there is the added bonus of a freshly vacuumed carpet, because my mom taught me never to move furniture without vacuuming too. Thanks, Mom.

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