Deciding on a color scheme

Landlord came to the house yesterday. I asked him what he would be willing to sponsor as far as updating goes. He basically told me, if it's under $200/month he would be willing to pay for materials, but we're not going crazy here. He did mention he would be willing to pay for a new backsplash in the kitchen, so I'm going to look into that, but I believe I shall start with paint.

The two rooms I'm concentrating the most on now are the kitchen and my bedroom. For the sake of being organized, and because it is a little less of a challenge, I am going to start with my room. 

Right now the walls are a very, very pale blue. So pale it's almost white, and that is just not doing it for me. I think it would work if I had something other than a white duvet, something like a beautiful geometric or ethnic print to add interest. 


Eventually I'm going to want something like this for my room, but not in this house. One of the important things about decorating a rental home is using what I have. You don't want to accumulate more and more stuff, especially if you see yourself moving in the next few years. Using what you have in a new way is far more worthwhile than spending more on stuff that might not be applicable in a new space. And I don't have a bold-colored duvet, I have a white one. So the bold colors will have to go on the wall! 

First thing I need to do is think of my overall color scheme. I am one for inviting too many colors into a space, and I'm trying to break that habit. Too many colors makes a room look over-involved. Taking your time decorating means going for cohesiveness, and that, my friends, is what I am going for. I'm going to get my color scheme from an item in the room that I recently purchased: this yet-to-be-framed poster from Urban Outfitters.

I absolutely adore this poster. Not only is it educational (!), but the colors are very appealing to me. I love the rich, warm tones. Yellows, oranges, greens, blues, and even some corals and pinks. I've already purchased a throw pillow from Urban Outfitters that matches the greens in this poster, which you can see here, so I know I want that green to be a part of my color scheme. In fact... I think I'm going to try and create my very first mood board. Let's give this a shot...


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Oof. It's.... okay. That took me 2 hours, sheesh! I hope yer gettin' what I'm throwin' at ya. This is just the beginning, but it kind of gives you an idea about what kind of feel I'm aiming towards. Man, that dresser is GORGEOUS. Alas, that specific one will never ever happen, but I have seen a bunch of similar ones on Craigslist and in the secondhand stores around my area! I am determined to find something equally as lovely. The mermaid is separate, by the way. It kinda looks like it's part of the dresser... Whoops. Oh, and I like that paint color, don't you? It's called "Well Water" by Valspar. All of the other blues were named equally as mysteriously. Paint color names make me laugh.

I think I've got the inspiration and organization down. Now I just need to get started! Perhaps some painting shall commence this week?


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