Road Trip!

Yesterday was remarkably sunny, and I was aptly inspired, so I took the pooch and headed on a mini road trip to some thrift stores east of Cleveland. It was a fantastic drive and just what I needed to spend my day. Plus, Petunia had a great time!

Getting ready to bust outta Cleveland!

Getting ready to bust outta Cleveland!

Yes, those are clouds, but look--BLUE!

I researched a few thrift stores in the Ravenna/Streetsboro area and found a few I wanted to check out: mainly, a place called It's All Fine and another one, Fabulous Finds. I also hit up a Goodwill while I was there. This trip was MAJORLY successful in my eyes, and was one of the best thrift adventures I've had for a while! I'm really glad I decided to devote the day to checking out some new shops, because now that I've seen them, I definitely want to go back.

The weather was great, and I'm really grateful. Cleveland in late March can be either quite hopeful, or super depressing. Unfortunately, as of late our weather has made us Ohioans desperate for Spring. There hasn't been much sun, and it's been cold, cold, cold. Seeing nothing but grey skies and wearing the same giant parka for months can do a number on a girl's optimism! But lo! SUNSHINE! So it was a lovely day for a little road trip.

It's All Fine; Ravenna, Ohio

It's All Fine; Ravenna, Ohio

After a quick excursion to Starbucks, and of course after popping in my Creedence Clearwater Revival greatest hits CD (a necessary road trip soundtrack), it took Tuney and I an hour to get to our first stop. Located on Main Street in Ravenna, Ohio, It's All Fine is a fantastic little shop, mostly consisting of vintage home decor items. It's pretty small, but there are a lot of great pieces, including quite a few china sets and several shelves of glassware. There is also a great collection of vintage kids toys, adorable nesting dolls that I almost bought, and a few racks of vintage clothing. The shop verges on the line between "thrift store" and "vintage store," the differences which I describe in my previous post. The reason why I say this about It's All Fine is because some of the items are priced high, especially the furniture (One amazing dresser was $495. Yikes!). However, I did find a few items! So let's go through the haul, shall we?

I've never had a cute set of coasters, since I've only ever collected cardboard beer coasters that I... er... borrowed from random bars. Honestly, I never really looked for coasters at thrift stores or anything, but when I saw these I fell in love. LOVE! Got these handsome lads for $4.


At It's All Fine I also left with a nice small wicker trash-basket  for only $7. I've been looking for one for a while, because I hate those stupid plastic bathroom trash cans that you can find at Target or wherever. They are just so uncute, and to me, every element of your house should have some kind of decorative statement, unless it is hidden away in a cabinet. In other words, my bathroom trash can is cute, while my kitchen trash and recycling bins are ugly plastic. Just a little tidbit, which I think makes a world of a difference!

It's All Fine was definitely more than fine. I wish some of the items were a bit lower in price, but I really can't complain about what I went home with. When I got to the register, the attendant gave me a 10% discount so my total for that store with tax ended up at $14.41. Ooh, a palindrome.

And in case you're interested to see what else the store offered, I took a few more photos: 

TV set and sweet lamps / Pretty, pretty rings... sigh / AWESOME ENTERPRISE ARTWORK / Cute lil pups!

Carafe: $1.00 / Tablecloth, not including coffee and Kix: $1.80 / Floral embroidery: $5.40

After It's All Fine, I trekked (heh heh) down the road and hit up a Goodwill. I wasn't expecting much, but OH. MY. GOSH. For anyone in the area, the Goodwill on State Route 59 in Kent was probably the best "chain" thrift store I've ever been to. I love Value World and Unique Thrift here in Cleveland, but I've never walked out of a Goodwill with so much cool stuff.

I didn't get much, BUT. The stuff I found was stuff I have either always admired and wanted, or been searching for forever. I couldn't believe the amount of unique crap in such a small store! Maybe I was just giddy from the day, but it definitely felt right. Plus the super nice clerk gave me a 10% discount on two of the items, and a 50% discount on the third item! I ended up with a carafe, an awesome framed floral embroidery, and a cute little picnic-esque tablecloth to brighten up my kitchen. Goodwill total: $8.75

I almost bought a t-shirt with a sweet tiger on it, but it was a petite XS and was therefore more of a belly shirt. Boo.  I didn't really take time to look through any more clothes, but it seemed like this Goodwill had more appealing stuff to offer. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise, as I've never really been that impressed with Goodwill's selection. Oh, and I went into Fabulous Finds--didn't find much. There were mostly clothes so it wasn't quite what I was looking for. But it was a huge store so I recommend checking it out if you are in the area!

Man, it was a tiring day. When we got home, Petunia and I were pretty much zombies for the rest of the evening. But that's a successful trip, no? I'm excited about my purchases, especially all for a grand total of $23.16! I can't wait to show you how I incorporate these items into my house. The embroidery is definitely going in my room. I'm thinking maybe some kind of headboard-artwork-collage-thing might happen. The colors are perfect and the vibe is definitely vintage! I've been looking for something like this for a while so it was a wonderful surprise!


Have you guys gone thrifting lately? Any good finds?

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