Big dresser blues

It's a gloomy, gray day today in Cleveland, and I am sitting in my kitchen trying to come up with some more inspiration for my bedroom makeover. I keep wondering if buying a dresser is the right move. The thing about renting is you never know for certain how long you are going to be residing in the space. If I buy a dresser, it's going to be secondhand. I've seen a few on Craigslist, though none that I would consider purchase-worthy. What all of these dressers have in common, though, is that they are all giant. Even though I can't decide if I want a tall chest of drawers, or a long dresser with a mirror, I do know that I want a bigger one.

Is it worth it to move that big of a piece in this rental house?

If I did buy one, it would not fit in my car, so I would have to enlist the help of a friend with a truck. I would need help lifting it too. One other problem is the entry to my bedroom is angled, so sometimes getting furniture in is super tricky. All of this adds up to a difficult situation.

Why not just purchase a smaller dresser, you ask? Well, because I have a smaller dresser. That's the point of me buying a new one, because I hate my small dresser. Me being a renter, means me making decisions like this. Do I buy a dresser now that I know I will keep forever, or do I live with the tiny one which barely contains my clothing?

What would you do? I'm off to scour Craigslist some more. Maybe there will be some kind of middle ground... 


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