This is fun.

You know what's really, really cool? Talking about what you love. A year ago I never would have thought that I would end up writing a DIY home/apartment decor blog, but here I am, a few months into it, and I am discovering how much I really love interior design. Officially, I don't know much about what I'm doing, but it is really fun to try. I think maybe I'm succeeding, somewhat. I know, at least, that I want to keep stretching myself to get better at decorating and designing, and I want to challenge myself to do new and exciting projects.

I'm in the mood for a little personal sharing. I haven't said much about myself on this blog, mostly on purpose, because I wanted it to be about the projects and not about me.  But that's silly. If people are to care about anything I have to say, I think it would be best if they knew some things about me. There's not much to tell: no story of high importance or battles I've faced or meaningful lessons I've learned. I'm just a young woman who is trying to find whatever it is in life who makes her happy. And right now that is decorating her house.

I am a creative type, but not really the "typical" creative. For me, music was always my creative outlet, and I think I will always consider that my "medium." But I never had the creative drive to spend 5 hours in the practice room, or study theory intensely, or transcribe musical works in order to analyze them and pick them apart. I play a lot of instruments, but I play them all casually. I think for me, music is a relationship, one with which I have peaks and valleys. Sometimes we argue and sometimes we really get along.

I went to college for music and arts management, which both hindered and fostered my relationship with music. A few years after my Bachelor's I continued my studies by enrolling in an Associate's program, one for Recording Arts & Technology. This program was pretty perfect for me at the time, because even though I am a creative person, I'm also rather analytical. I've always loved computers and technology, and with recording and audio work, I can use both the creative and the analytical parts of me at once. I now work and teach as an audio engineer. It's great and I am lucky to have employment in that field, but I'm finding myself stretching again for something new.

In January 2013 I moved into this house, and I realized what it was I was looking for. Something about decorating mindfully really touches that part of my brain that needs analytical creativity. I get a lot of joy from arranging things beautifully and interestingly. I love colors, finding uses for old objects, and picking the perfect pictures to hang on a wall. When I began the journey of updating this rental home, and then deciding I would blog about it, I learned a lot about what I want in my life. I have decided I am going to take some courses in interior design (from the college I work for, which means it will be nearly free) and see what I can make of it, officially. In the meantime, I'm going to keep DIYing the heck out of this rental home, and blogging about it, and hoping you guys like what I do and want to respond. I love hearing from you all.

When you start getting involved in a certain blogging community, you end up finding a bunch of new internet friends who also love what you do. I always read these kinds of statements on other blogs, but I never thought it would happen to me; luckily, I was proved wrong! I already have so many DIY blog friends that I can hardly keep up with all of their great entries. I want to share some of my favorites here now, and as a regular segment here, which I will call Friends of Rental Revival. Here is the first installment!

  • Danielle at Framed Frosting has a new series on her blog called "Craft with What You've Got." You can submit your projects every week, according to the craft supply that she chooses. It's really fun! This week's supply was craft paints, so I linked my Paint By Numbers Revival post.
  • Becky at Sketchy Styles is doing some awesome, unique projects. This Nursery she redecorated for a friend is just one terrific example! 
  • I LOVE Audra's "A Better Bench" project at her blog, joyosphere.  I also love that she posts a lot of pictures of her dog, because it makes me feel less of a weirdo for including Petunia all the time :)
  • Trisha at Black and White Obsession is totally redoing her house. I love a good demolition post. She removed the closet in one of the bedrooms of her house and is turning the space into a laundry room.  Go Trisha go!
  • I am inspired to try my hand at silhouette art, thanks to Dria at DIO Home Improvements! I love the dog one... Definitely going to have to try that. 

That's all for my first round of Friends of Rental Revival. I also enjoyed sharing that little tidbit about me... thanks for listening :) I hope you feel welcome to comment and participate in the conversation at all times, because I really love hearing from you! I will be back soon with a wallpaper removing tutorial, and a special kitchen update! Cheers!

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